AntiFool with Norman Chella

Crush Your Goals and Reduce Goal Competition with Austin Bollinger of Daily New Years

May 07, 2020 Norman Chella Season 1 Episode 8
AntiFool with Norman Chella
Crush Your Goals and Reduce Goal Competition with Austin Bollinger of Daily New Years
Show Notes
Austin Bollinger is the High Achiever, the Goal Crusher focused on becoming better every day. He is the AntiFool.

What goals do you have? Do you have many? Do you have one focused goal or do you not even have one to begin with?

In the world of goal setting, we come across obstacles and problems that may stop us from achieving said goals, and who better to tackle this problem with than Austin Bollinger.

Austin is a writer, podcaster, and founder of Daily New Years, and his mission is to help you ditch your new year's resolutions and instead help you crush your goals every single day and all year long.

Tired of postponing his self-improvement, he began writing his goals down, started consuming personal development content, and was building a daily routine around achieving his goals.

Three years into writing blog posts onto starting a podcast, and he launched his recent book, Crush Your Goals: Trade in your old time resolutions for an exciting goal setting strategy that gets results.

Ditching the standard SMART goals for the FOCUS framework. Tons of interesting thoughts centering around the purpose of goals in our lives. Myself and Austin had an amazing chat about this.

We talked about:
  • Austin's origin story and his obsession with goal setting
  • Why people fail to achieve their new year's resolutions
  • The FOCUSED Framework, the concept of it, and what it means to him
  • How to create or redefine goals for ourselves

We get pretty vulnerable in this conversation actually, a lot of fears, a lot of personal stories from both myself and Austin. It was an amazing talk. Enjoy!

  • 04:05 "I didn't have clarity or focus on where I wanted my life to go" Austin's origin story
  • 05:40 What if everyday we had the same passion and energy that we do on January 1st?
  • 07:15 Why do we wait until New Years? Fears, wants and more according to Austin
  • 09:02 "How will my life change if I actually succeed?" The fear of success
  • 10:16 Austin's biggest fear on this journey: Imposter Syndrome
  • 12:55 Launch the blog already, it can never be perfect: Austin's obstacles in starting Daily New Years
  • 16:05 Austin's biggest win: Writing his book Crush Your Goals
  • 17:18 Goal competition: How it stops you from achieving anything
  • 20:43 SMART goals don't work because they lack emotion, use the FOCUSED Framework instead
  • 21:53 Breaking down the FOCUSED Framework
  • 26:07 Writing a book vs writing blog posts
  • 28:45 "A lot of people don't have goals because they don't know what goals should be." How Austin guides those to create goals for themselves
  • 30:00 Go back to childhood: What excited you when you were young?
  • 31:11 Your progress should be your focus
  • 32:43 The power of your circle
  • 36:45 Austin isn't bulletproof to these worries, and The Gap and the Gain
  • 37:59 The next FOCUSED goal: Building an online course
  • 39:31 The challenges in making an online course, and perfectionism
  • 42:58 Different learning styles and catering for all aspiring goal-setters
  • 44:00 Underestimating deadlines, and reiterating goals as we go along
  • 45:56 "The gym is my church" Austin's memento
  • 47:09 Walkaway wisdom: "Don't listen to the voice inside your head that says you can't do something. If you want to badly enough, you can"
  • 47:46 Special question for Austin: What he hopes future Austin would say to him