AntiFool with Norman Chella

Audio Engineer Delvinder Singh talks Audio production for Film, Games, and chatting with Michael Bay

May 13, 2020 Norman Chella Season 1 Episode 9
AntiFool with Norman Chella
Audio Engineer Delvinder Singh talks Audio production for Film, Games, and chatting with Michael Bay
Show Notes
Delvinder Singh is the Maverick, the Audio Engineer, and the designer of sounds. He is the AntiFool.

Let's talk about audio. Living through society, we can't help but listen to a wide variety of sounds from the subtle creaking of doors to explosions from film. There is a profession that focuses on creating a narrative using these very sounds: audio engineers. Who better to find out more about this field than Delvinder Singh!

Del is the resident audio engineer at Maveriq studios with a wide variety of experiences under his belt. He assisted in the recording of different projects and films from Transformers: The Last Knight, Folklore by HBO, to The Ghost Bride on Netflix.

Music-wise he's experienced as well, assisting in the recording of Ed Sheeran's No. 6 collaborations project during his tour in KL. I was interested in Del's story because I wanted to know more about the principles of audio engineering, especially as someone who is doing podcasts right now.

We talked about:
  • How he got his start diving into audio engineering, by listening to local bands
  • Using audio as a narrative, his favorite sounds, and the principles of audio engineering
  • Differences between audio production for commercials, films, movies and more
  • Sounds we take for granted, and training our ears to understand the environment around us
  • Getting into a call with Michael Bay for Transformers The Last Knight


  • 04:06 How local bands encouraged him to dive into the audio world
  • 05:46 A 20-page book compelled Delvinder to start learning audio engineering
  • 08:04 Delvinder's favourite sounds, and why Sci-fi is the best sound to work with
  • 09:14 Creating vehicle sounds for Prometheus
  • 10:29 What does an audio engineer actually do? The 3 aspects
  • 11:21 "I want to record an album. What's the process?"
  • 12:56 "The less people you have the better it is" Delvinder on developing a relationship with the artist as a producer
  • 14:32 How first-time artists can get overwhelmed by the production process
  • 16:18 Making a Macho burger 'macho': Delvinder's process in producing audio for the new McDonald's Ad
  • 17:49 The roars, screams and big impacts for making a burger manly
  • 19:42 Sounds we take for granted: door creaking and more used in film
  • 22:02 Transformers The Last Knight, and recording Gemma Chan of Crazy Rich Asians
  • 24:21 Chatting with Michael Bay
  • 26:31 Choosing the right takes for voiceover, and Kylo Ren
  • 27:53 Anomaly, a horror game with sounds produced by Delvinder Singh
  • 29:52 Delvinder deep dives into how he produces audio for the game
  • 31:43 "The hardest sound to make was the one where I had to record my own reverb."
  • 34:38 To work on games as a dream project, and Playstation in Malaysia
  • 36:33 The advantages of audio engineering in podcasts
  • 38:19 Improvement in technology leads to more appreciation for high quality sound design
  • 40:53 How to train your ear to listen for professional sound design
  • 43:14 Delvinder's Memento: The 10-Year Microphone
  • 45:15 Walkaway Wisdom, mastery of the craft and to show up in person
  • 48:15 Audio epitaph: The sound effect that represents Delvinder's life