AntiFool with Norman Chella

Teaching Malaysians about Value Investing with KayaPlus' Joo Parn and Choon Beng

May 20, 2020 Norman Chella Season 1 Episode 10
AntiFool with Norman Chella
Teaching Malaysians about Value Investing with KayaPlus' Joo Parn and Choon Beng
Show Notes
In this episode, we talk about investing in general, specifically value investing.

It's scary. You, noticing your wealth at its current stage, want to grow it in many different ways to preserve it for the future. But investing is intimidating: under its umbrella, there are many kinds from property to retail and much more. How do we as laymen learn more about investing? That is where the founders of Kaya Plus come in.

Joo Parn and Choon Beng are the founders of, a Malaysian value investing education website spreading financial literacy to the public. They're here to prove two things: one, anyone can invest successfully without having a financial degree, and two, investing can be fun. If done right, it not only becomes a very self-fulfilling journey for learning, but it can also grow your wealth.

We talked about:
  • The origin stories of Kaya Plus: how Choon Beng reached out to Joo Parn about investing, knowing not a single thing about its concepts
  • Barriers to understand investing: why it's so hard to learn it
  • How value investing principles can boost your wealth and protect your assets
  • Malaysia's investing gurus and their roles, according to Joo Parn and Choon Beng

We get wide in the number of topics covered here. So if you are ready for something a little bit technical but simplified at the same time, enjoy!

  • 4:49 How KayaPlus was born
  • 7:40 The KayaPlus angle: Simplifying value investing
  • 10:47 "When they go into investing, they cannot differentiate between investing and speculation" Choon Beng explains
  • 13:26 What is hard about teaching investing? More from Joo Parn
  • 15:39 Where did the name Kaya Plus come from?
  • 17:34 Joo Parn's definition of value investing
  • 20:10 "Consider your options" Joo Parn on exploring other markets
  • 21:51 The fears we have when we start to invest
  • 24:42 The index and what it means
  • 27:08 The best skill to learn? Observation, according to Joo Parn
  • 29:18 Investing helps with running your business, according to Choon Beng
  • 31:24 Investing gurus in Malaysia: are they honest or shady?
  • 33:53 Combating the mentality of opportunist Malaysians
  • 35:20 Malaysian financial exposure isn't that high
  • 38:25 An academy and more for Kaya Plus' future plans
  • 41:56 Joo Parn's memento
  • 43:11 Choon Beng's memento
  • 46:05 Joo Parn's walkaway wisdom by Warren Buffett
  • 47:30 Choon Beng's walkaway wisdom