AntiFool with Norman Chella

Brutally Honest Public Speaking with Francisco Mahfuz

June 12, 2020 Norman Chella Season 1 Episode 13
AntiFool with Norman Chella
Brutally Honest Public Speaking with Francisco Mahfuz
Show Notes
Francisco Mahfuz is the storyteller, the bare keynote speaker, and one brutally honest communicator.

This episode is all about public speaking. Does it scare you? Talking in front of a large audience, making sure you're getting your message out? It may not be comfortable for everyone, but one who thrives on the stage is none other than my guest for today, Francisco Mahfuz.

Francisco Mahfuz has always loved speaking even before he had anything useful to say. He's been telling his stories in front of audiences for close to a decade, and even became a national champion of public speaking today. Francisco is a keynote speaker on storytelling and offers presentation coaching to individuals and international organizations.

His book, Bare: A Guide to Brutally Honest Public Speaking, teaches you where ideas come from, and how to find more of them. Seven steps to build your speech, and the WTF approach to start it.

We talked about
  • Francisco's origin story, how being brutally honest on stage made his career
  • The facets of public speaking: how humor is used in speeches, the worries and common patterns of amateur public speakers
  • How to capture audience attention using pathos, ethos and logos
  • The power and differences of TED and TEDx

  • 4:20 Pushed in front of the class and getting married too early: Francisco's origin story
  • 8:26 Francisco's advantage: his humor, and contrasting that humor
  • 11:01 "Humor in my mind is just too powerful not to use." The power of humor in a speech
  • 12:46 How do you train your humor? With embarrassing situations
  • 14:07 Your context defines your humor, and how to take advantage of it
  • 16:23 The best way to deliver a punchline? Shut up
  • 17:46 Comparing the location is another humor tip
  • 21:11 This is what people want help with if they need presentation coaching
  • 23:34 "I find that if you're not funny at all, I cannot make you funny."
  • 25:32 How do you help someone who has stage fright?
  • 28:14 Tips to make the stage feel less strange
  • 30:09 The truth behind notes for Ted and Tedx speakers
  • 33:33 The meaning of being bare and brutally honest
  • 35:33 Business presentations and bullshit bingo
  • 37:45 The Dunning-Kruger effect and how it ruins credible people
  • 40:08 What language to use to sound confident
  • 43:38 Advice from Stephen King applied to speaking
  • 47:02 Francisco's future plans as a coach and acquiring original ideas
  • 50:46 The difference between TED and TEDx
  • 52:47 Francisco Mahfuz's memento
  • 54:24 Francisco Mahfuz's Walkaway Wisdom