AntiFool with Norman Chella

Busting Stress and Intuition on Demand with Ron Foglia of Golden Trail Coaching

July 09, 2020 Norman Chella Season 1 Episode 16
AntiFool with Norman Chella
Busting Stress and Intuition on Demand with Ron Foglia of Golden Trail Coaching
Show Notes
Ron Foglia is the stress buster, the guide for executives to achieve clarity and intuition on demand. He is the AntiFool.

Let's talk about about stress.

In a fast-paced world, it's easier to get stressed. Our lives become hectic, busy, and negativity can pop up around us. To manage said stress, we have to use proper techniques, especially ones backed with neuroscience and evidence-based protocols, which can reduce it in as little as 60 seconds. Who better to talk about this with than Ron Foglia.

Ron is a business performance coach working with entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals to effectively reduce the seemingly unending stress and overwhelm physically, mentally, and emotionally. This results in client's ability to make more confident and powerful decisions to elevate their business career and life. He has a bachelor's in applied science system analysis from Miami university and MBA from capital university and is a certified coach and trainer of Infinite Possibilities, the art of living your dreams.

We talked about:
  • Stress reduction: how to train your body and your mind to reduce the speed of the thoughts
  • How Ron was laid off, nearly homeless and had to coach himself to get back up on his feet
  • The different signs of stress and how your mind can be clouded with negativity.
  • The 60 second Stress Buster: A breathing exercise that Ron teaches us in the middle of the episode
  • Intuition on demand: how to harness your natural, intuitive ability for guidance, insights, and more effective problem solving.


  • 4:40 Ron's origin story and the growing stress of business owners
  • 6:46 "We went through our retirement and we were devastated"
  • 11:40 "What did we do wrong?" Ron's disbelief
  • 14:16 Figuring out how to get through stressful times
  • 17:17 How Ron Foglia coaches you and helps manage your stress
  • 18:18 The morning routine: How to start your day right
  • 20:27 Affirmations you need to focus on what you want to accomplish
  • 22:31 Managing your stress in the middle of the day
  • 23:25 How to reduce stress in 60 seconds
  • 26:05 The 60 Second Stress Buster: How to do it
  • 27:29 Guided 60 Second Stress Buster by Ron Foglia
  • 31:13 The goal of reducing stress is to slow down thoughts
  • 32:27 How to achieve Intuition on Demand
  • 34:50 Busting stress beyond 60 seconds
  • 36:40 What about pairing this exercise with other activities?
  • 38:46 Ron Foglia's memento: A gift
  • 40:13 Ron Foglia's Walkaway Wisdom