AntiFool with Norman Chella

Speechwriting to Deliver Desirable Futures with Rune Kier

July 17, 2020 Norman Chella Season 1 Episode 17
AntiFool with Norman Chella
Speechwriting to Deliver Desirable Futures with Rune Kier
Show Notes
Rune Kier is the speechwriter, the cultural anthropologist, and the deliverer of desirable futures. He is the AntiFool.

Let's talk about the weapon of choice for orators: speeches.

We've had a number of famous speeches throughout the ages. To deliver them is one thing, but to craft it and perform for an amazing emotional response and deliver is a difficult skill.

On a mission to unpack the wisdom behind why a speech is powerful, I reached out to award winning speechwriter Rune Kier.

Rune is a freelance speechwriter, having won two Cicero speechwriting awards in 2014 as the first Danish man ever for climate change. He worked in areas of immigration and diversity, social affairs and employment. Rune's words made a huge impact, having trained in social anthropology, specializing in social movements and storytelling.

We talked about:
  • His origin story, how he moved to Brazil to learn more about the connection between identity and speeches
  • The power of speeches: what makes a great speech and Rune's writing process in creating an award-winning piece
  • The connections between cultural anthropology and speeches
  • The real metric for success for a speech that speakers forget

  • 4:04 Origin story: Exploring identities in Germany and Brazil
  • 6:03 Mulatto as buying into African inferiority
  • 07:39 How speeches change narratives
  • 10:10 Learning is a process, and The Speech Railway analogy
  • 12:32 Malala Yousafzai and her struggle with providing education
  • 14:53 A good speech, and a great speech
  • 18:25 "It takes a lot of research" What to focus on when drafting your speech
  • 22:30 Creating your own stories helps with conveying the message
  • 26:59 Would the speaker feel comfortable with these words? Tips and Tricks
  • 28:50 Command their attention and ask them directly
  • 30:39 One of the big mistakes in public speaking today is uninformed success
  • 34:29 Why experts have problems giving speeches
  • 35:50 "Boil it down to almost nothing"
  • 37:29 This is how you persuade someone that this idea is right
  • 40:20 Rune's Memento
  • 41:56 Rune's Walkaway Wisdom