AntiFool with Norman Chella

Extreme Production and Producing More w/ Craig Burgess

July 24, 2020 Norman Chella Season 1 Episode 18
AntiFool with Norman Chella
Extreme Production and Producing More w/ Craig Burgess
Show Notes
Craig Burgess is the relentless designer, the action taker, building with extreme production. He is the AntiFool.

This time, let's talk about extreme production and challenges.
How do you create content on every social media platform consistently, without missing a single day? That's what we'll learn here. It's the best way to grow your skills and build a body of work at the same time for anything.

To unlock this power, we've got a specialist to talk about this: Craig Burgess.
Craig specializes in working with organizations and individuals of all sizes to help them make their marketing work for them. A designer by trade, he is co-owner and Creative Director at Genius Division, providing designing development and marketing services for apps, branding, and marketing, web applications, web design, and development search engine optimization and WordPress development.

He wrote a book called Extreme Production, on creating 365-day challenges (designing a poster every day, a photo a day, etc.). Outside of that, his Design show releases every Sunday is called Thats The Job, about the realities of working in design.

I wanted to know what makes him tick. What makes him so obsessed with challenges? We talked about:
  • His burning passion to learn something by doing 365-day challenges
  • The Content+ model: how to create tons of micro-content
  • Consumer attention span on various social media platforms, and the best way to tackle them
  • Advice for those who want to start their own channel, platform or podcast


  • 4:48 The 'Hustle Pornstar': Craig's Origin story
  • 7:28 Burning out and curiosity
  • 8:52 Failing the record sleeve challenge
  • 10:16 Max Payne and writing
  • 11:36 The epiphany of social media
  • 12:41 There's lots of crossover between design and writing
  • 15:36 The Content Onion, creating things people can snack
  • 17:10 Find a 1000 ways to say the same thing
  • 21:16 Watching a video for 2 hours vs. spending 2 hours watching 5-minute videos
  • 22:45 The Craig Burgess repurpose workflow
  • 27:37 The potential of podcasts for content repurposing
  • 31:40 It's harder to start, so do a lot of things
  • 32:53 The power of influence through context switching
  • 37:21 The first thing to focus on if you're creating content
  • 39:50 Craig's Memento
  • 41:32 Craig's Walkaway Wisdom