AntiFool with Norman Chella

Principles of Balanced Leadership w/ Rocky Romanella

August 18, 2020 Norman Chella Season 1 Episode 19
AntiFool with Norman Chella
Principles of Balanced Leadership w/ Rocky Romanella
Show Notes
Rocky Romanella is the Thoughtful One, sharing the principles of Balanced Leadership. He is The AntiFool.

How do you become a Balanced Leader?

There are many leaders in this world, ranging from the aggressive to the non-empathetic ones. There are those who do not perform in their managerial position. We'll be focusing on the qualities of balanced leadership: empathy, thoughtfulness, and letting a team thrive in an amazing environment. No one knows this better than Rocky Romanella.
Rocky is the founder, president, and CEO of 3sixty Management Services. Led by seasoned professionals, 3sixty focuses on thought leadership, development, and process improvement. Rocky is also the author of the book Tighten the Lug Nuts: The Principles of Balanced Leadership: He takes the form of a character, Joe Scafone, demonstrating the importance of empathy, small acts of kindness, and the power of understanding your role.

We talked about:
  • Rocky's 36-year long career at UPS, his origin story and the wisdom from his father
  • The makings of Joe Scafone and his influence on all the people throughout Rocky's career
  • What it means to be a balanced leader, tightening the lug nuts in your life




  • 4:10 Becoming a history teacher and baseball coach; Rocky's origin story
  • 5:10 "Whatever they ask you to do, say yes and thank you"
  • 6:19 "Believe in your people until they are ready to believe in themselves"
  • 9:36 Rocky's support system in becoming a leader
  • 12:25 "Everyday I got to go in and sing for my lunch"
  • 13:29 Understand the job by doing the job
  • 15:59 What are the lug nuts in our lives?
  • 18:03 Joe Scafone: How a third person helps diffuse the situation
  • 21:01 Everybody checks up on Joe even now
  • 23:55 How do you become a balanced leader over time?
  • 24:37 The question you need to answer for yourself
  • 26:08 The legacy to your name
  • 27:55 Rocky Romanella will never compromise for integrity
  • 31:09 Belonging and Rocky's Memento
  • 33:47 Rocky Romanella's Walkaway Wisdom